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Fairhill Native Plants

& Botanic Gardens

114-132 Fairhill Road, Ninderry, 4561      


The Wattles are fast growing plants and benefit from regular pruning. They are particularly useful as pioneer plants as they produce nitrogen-fixing nodules, which are released into the soil for the following generation of plants.

Wattles often prefer sandy, dry soils but some thrive in clay soils. They are fast growing plants and benefit from regular pruning.

The flowers and their scent will permeate the garden in winter and spring.

With some exceptions, wattles are short-lived plants and therefore not recommended for windbreaks, but there is no other Australian plant that has such a visual impact and national significance.

Plant Name
Plant Description
Plant Image
Acacia amblygona Prostrate
Vigorous ground cover with a cascading habit. Covered with bright yellow flower balls during winter, spring. Hardy in most well drained soil. Sun or dappled shade. 
Spread to 3m
Acacia amblygona prostrate
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia baileyana
Fast growing Bushy tree. Feathery, greyish foliage and masses of yellow ball, scented flowers in spring. 
Height 5m Width 5m
Acacia baileyana
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia baileyana Purple
A popular Wattle which has fern-like foliage, with a distinctive bright purple to Burgundy Tint.  In winter this hardy evergreen tree is covered in Masses of golden-yellow, fluffy, rounded flowers. 
Height 5-8m  Width 5-8m
acacia baileyana purple
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia baileyana prostrate
A spreading groundcover for well drained soils in full sun. Ideal for a rockery garden. Flowers prolifically with bunches of scented yellow ball flowers.
Spread 2-3m   GROUNDCOVER
Acacia baileyana prostrate
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia fimbriata
Ornamental bushy tree for average to dry soils in full sun. Soft weeping habit and masses of yellow ball flowers in spring. Highly scented flowers, useful for erosion control.
Height 5m Width 3m   MEDIUM SHRUB
Acacia fimbriata, Brisbane Wattle
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia fimbrata (dwarf form)
Bushy shrub for average soil in full sun. Covered in yellow scented ball flowers in winter and spring. A weeping compact shrub. Could be used as a hedge if pruned. Lovely specimen for a sunny position.
Height 1.5m Width 2m   SMALL SHRUB
Acacia fimbriata dwarf, Dwarf Brisbane Wattle
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia floribunda
A graceful spreading small tree densely foliaged with long narrow phyllodes on slender arching branches. During spring it produces pale yellow rod-shaped flower-heads in profusion. Hardy in most soils with plenty of moisture. Sun or part shade.
 Height 4-6m Spread 4-5m
Acacia floribunda
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia holocericea
Fast growing tall shrub with large, soft, velvety phyllodes. During winter it blooms with bright golden-yellow rod-shaped flower heads. Requires a well-drained sunny situation.
Height 2-5m
Spread 1.5-3m
Acacia holosericea
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia iteaphylla
Ornamental, medium, bushy shrub with blue-green phyllodes. From autumn to spring it bears masses of globular pale yellow flowers. Excellent windbreak. Hardy in most well-drained soil in part shade to full sun.     
Height 3-5m
Spread 3-6m
Acacia iteaphylla 
Fairhill Native Plants  
Acacia macradenia
Medium, weeping shrub for average sunny position. Masses of large golden ball flowers in winter and spring. Likes dry soil and has some frost tolerance.
Height 3m Width 3m
Acacia macradena, Zigzag wattle
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia melanoxylon
Fast growing tree, densely foliaged with dull-green phyllodes. It bears sprays of globular, creamy flower-heads in winter and spring. Grows best in moist, well drained soil. Sun or dappled shade.
Height 6-10m
Spread 4-7m
Acacia melanoxylon, Black wattle
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia o'shanesii
Fast growing small tree with grey-green fine, feathery foliage and coppery new growth. It has an attractive spreading habit and produces sweetly perfumed, pale yellow, globular flower heads spasmodically through the year. Requires well drained soil with adequate moisture. Sun or part shade.
Height 4-7m  Spread 3-5m
Acacia o'shanessii
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia podalyriifolia
Bushy shrub tall shrub for well drained sunny situation. Bears masses of fluffy yellow ball flowers in winter and spring.Very striking shrub with silvery foliage.
Height 3m Width 2m     MEDIUM SHRUB
Acacia podarylifolia
Fairhill Native Plants
Acacia sophorae
A fast growing shrub with golden rod flowers covering the bush in winter and spring. A very hardy sea side plant and useful for erosion control.
Height 2m Width 4m    MEDIUM SHRUB
Acacia sophorae
Fairhill Native Plants
Fairhill Road, Yandina