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The Paperbarks are the most adaptable plants being suitable for dry as well as wet, boggy soils. Because of their quick growth and low branching habit they are often used as wind breaks. Many of them grow well in coastal areas.

Rows of bee hives are a common site among stands of Melaleuca trees when they are in bloom, the honey produced being of excellent quality.

Melaleuca flowers are also a favourite nectar source for nectar eating birds.

The colour range of flowers is extensive varying through cream, yellow, orange, mauve and red.

Melaleucas are often confused with the Callistemons as the flowers of many of them look alike.

Plant Name
Plant Description
Plant Image
Melaleuca alternifolia
A compact shrub for moist soil.Many fluffy white flowers in spring. The well known tea tree oil is produced from superior forms of this plant which is grown in large plantations. Useful for wind breaks.
Height 5m Width 2m 
Melaleuca armilaris Pink
Possibly a hybrid with M. erubescens, this is a large bushy shrub with fine heath-like foliage. It bears masses of small Mauve flower brushes in summer. Hardy in most soils. Sun or part shade. Tolerates poor drainage. Excellent screen plant.
Height 3-4m
Spread to 3m
Melaleuca 'Claret Tops'
A compact shrub for average soil. Flushes of red new growth all year contrasted by many white brush flowers in spring. Useful for a low hedge. One of the many forms of M. linariifolia or Snow in Summer.
Height 1.5m Width 1m
Melaleuca compacta purpurea
Dense shrub with fine blue-green foliage and Bronze-Purple new growth. Produces Bird attracting, White flower brushes in winter and spring. Hardy in most situations. Sun or part shade.
Height 1.5m
Spread 1.5m
'Cotton Candy'
Small low spreading shrub with fine grey-green leaves. It bears clusters of deep Pink fluffy flowers in spring and summer. Hardy in most average to moist soils. Prune to shape after flowering.
Height to 60cm
Spread to 1m
'Golden Gem'
(A dwarf form of M. bracteata)
Low growing shrub, with fine yellow-gold foliage and white flowers in spring and summer. Makes an attractive low screen if pruned, and is good as a container plant. Full sun to filtered shade in most average soils.
Height 1.5m  Spread 2m
Melaleuca hypericifolia
'Ulla Dulla Beacon'
A dense, quick growing groundcover. Bright green foliage is highlighted in spring and summer with brilliant bird-attracting orange-red brushes. Grows well in full sun or light shade, in climates ranging from cool temperate to tropical; will tolerate light frosts.  Especially suited to front line coastal gardens, and easily withstands salt laden winds.
Height 30cm
Width 1-2m
Melaleuca leucadendra 'Broad Leaf' form
A weeping tree for moist soils in full sun. A stunning specimen tree particularly when covered in scented flowers in summer and autumn. Very attractive to honey eating birds.
Height 8m Width 3m
Melaleuca leucadendra 'Fine Leaf' form
A weeping tree for average, moist soils. Many scented white flower brushes in summer and autumn. A beautiful specimen tree attracting nectar eating birds.  
Height 7m Width 3m